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A Summery Conservatory installation

Posted: 16 August 2017

...It is still summer right?
It has been a little dreary here in Teesside these past few weeks, despite being the height of summer, but whats new? Good old typical England. The last couple of days the sun has shown it's glorious face, so we went out and took some installation photos while we could! 



We installed this cheery installation over in Redcar, it's one of our fantastic conservatories and has some gorgeous features, so we thought we would share it with you to give you some inspiration for your home.

Our Customer chose vibrant orange & clear bevels to be featured in the top openings of their windows. Not only does this add a pop of color, but as the sun moves around the conservatory throughout the day, it casts a stunning reflection inside.
Here you can see the internal view of the roof 'Pelmet' this is where the roof meets the windows, which allows space for spotlights to be installed.


Spotlights add a luxury feel to a conservatory, and in the dark wintery months, adds to the beauty of the conservatory & gives a beautiful ambiance (Perfect as a get away space to cosy down and read a good book) 
This installation is a beautiful, Traditional conservatory installation, with french doors, golden handles and looks fantastic! If you are thinking of adding extra space to your home and would like a free no obligation quotation, don't hesitate to contact us! You know where we are! Find us here:
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Thank you for Reading, we will see you in the next one.


It doesn't have to be fancy, to be effective

Posted: 21 June 2017

We wanted to talk a little bit about windows in today's blog (Suprise, suprise) - But not the big fancy, show stopping, 'WOW how much did that cost?' window, but the simple, white UPVC windows that we all know and love. 

Refreshing your property doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, sometimes just a nice simple window renovation can be all your home needs to take it from drab to fab.



This lovely bow window not only freshens up the exterior of the property, but adds extra sill space internally, perfect for displaying your favorite decorative items.








White UPVC is the industry standard, and we can see why it is so popular among-st our customers; It offers clean lines and a fresh, crisp, modern look to your home, making it stylish and chic.


Speaking of white profile, another benefit is it suits virtually any property & there is a design for every home!

Thinking of refreshing your home? Give us a call on 01642 494950 or email us at: and one of our team will be happy to help! 

Full Home of bespoke windows and unique composite door

Posted: 27 March 2017

Our team here at Marton windows have finished this fantastic bespoke installation.                                           
Our Customer wanted to stand out from the crowd with their installation, so they came up with a bespoke door colour, glass bevel design and windows to match!

Our Customer wanted a unique installation

Our customer has chosen a unique color from our RAL colour wheel, this stands out from the rest of conventional door colors on the street giving it an eye-catching feature.



With matching Chrome handles and Letterbox



Close up details of our wood-grain bespoke colored door.. 



Glass bevels were added to match the top-lights within our customers windows



Here at Marton windows we offer bespoke design services, whether it is a unique door color, or bespoke glass design their is something unique for everyone here! 

A Full home of Rehau UPVC Windows & Doors

Posted: 1 March 2017

 Our Lads have finished installating this fab installation; a Full home of simplistic White UPVC windows with high quality Rehau profile. Our installation also included a Altmore composite door, with 'Cygnus' glass design in Chartwell green & two side panels. 

Our customer decided to keep their installation nice and simple to match the design of other existing properties on the street.


Adding a Chartwell green door adds a pop of colour, and gives a cottage vibe to our customers property.


Chrome fixtures and fittings really finish off this look, with a matching silver weatherbar along the bottom.


We love the over all look of this installation and think the customer has greatly improved their home! Over-all another fab installation from our Lads at Marton windows!



Evening Gazette Feature

Posted: 14 February 2017

The evening gazette - it's been around our whole lives (Since 1869 to be precise), and the go-to paper & online blog for news and entertainment in the Teesside area!

As you may know, we have been doing out our showroom, and with it we unearthed some amazing old photos featuring Junior football clubs in the Teesside area.

Our team at Marton windows contacted the Evening Gazette to share these nostalgic photos with, and they were published on their online news blog: Nostalgia

We were so happy to be featured, you can see the huge gallery here over on their

We will be showcasing these photos weekly with our #throwbackthursday hashtag - so watch this space -

Meanwhile Find us here:


Full House of Rehau UPVC Windows with Middle Transom Bar

Posted: 8 February 2017

Our Lads have finished this beautiful installation. 
Our customer lives in a modern build home and wanted fresh contemporary windows to match; She chose a stylish modern design of side opening windows, with middle transom bar running throughout to create a uniform and unique finish.
Our customer decided to keep her home nice and simple with clear glass, avoiding over fussy designs which keeps this property chic and stylish.









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