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How To Clean & Maintain UPVC Windows

Designing & Installing is our job here at Marton windows, but as soon as we hand over the keys to your new shiny installation, it is up-to you to maintain them...but we have complied a video & some quick and easy tips to help you maintain and clean your windows.

Quick, regular maintenance, not only ensures your windows work fluidly & efficiently, but can also make them longer lasting, meaning you can keep them in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Simple cleaning solutions don't have to be costly, you can use a simple washing-up liquid & warm water solution that everyone has in their home! - (or for those stubborn stains, look into getting one of our PVC Solvent cleaners)

We hope this helps you in maintaining your new (or old) UPVC windows See you in the next one Catherine Marton Windows

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