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Add a touch of timeless style to your home with NEW Rio Flush Fit!

Look what has arrived in our showroom!!

The new Rio Flush Fit from REHAU

When it comes to design feature and sophisticated styling, the Rio Flush Fit window is in a class of its own. The windows have been specially designed so that the opening sash of your window sits flush with the outer frame, giving a unique sleek and seamless appearance.

As with all windows, Safety, security and longevity of your windows is paramount. Your Rio Flush Fit windows benefit from enhanced noise reduction, high energy efficiency and are easy to maintain keeping your windows looking good throughout their lifetime.

The beautiful array of colour options are guaranteed to suit any home style and decor preference.

From the traditional and highly textured Turner Oak, to the modern Anthracite Grey, you will find the perfect match for your home.

If you are interested in creating a sleek, flush finish that blends in with the exterior structure of your home then give us a call today on 01642 494950!

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